TODABio Energy Testing and Analysis Laboratory

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The BETA LAB Team (Spring 2013)

Front photo 2

Identifying potential biodiesel feedstocks.

Front photo 3

Synthesis gas analysis by gas chromatograph.

Front photo 4

Conversion of trash into "black gold"

Front photo 5

Fractionation of "biooil"

Front photo 6

Transport fuel from "biooil" (light ends (left) and C6-C12 range (right)).

Front photo 7

"Biomass gasification in action"

Front photo 8

"Engine dynamometer testing in action"

What sets us apart?

The Bio-Energy Testing and Analysis Laboratory (BETA Lab) has a complete set of testing and analysis facility for biomass and biofuels. The objectives of the BETA Lab are as follows:

  • To conduct process design optimization work in all aspects of biomass conversion and bio-fuel production
  • To conduct performance testing of engines fueled by biomass-based fuels
  • To conduct air quality and emissions testing for bioconversion technologies