Biomass Characterization and Analysis


  • Heating Value Determination
  • Ultimate Analysis (Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Sulfur (Oxygen by Difference))
  • Proximate Analysis (Moisture Content (MC), Volatile Combustible Matter (VCM), Fixed Carbon (FC) and Ash
  • Determination of Acid Soluble Lignin Concentration Curve by UV-VIS Spectrometry (NREL Procedure)
  • Determination of Structural Carbohydrates and Lignin in Biomass, NREL Procedure
  • Eutectic Point Analysis of Biomass


Biodiesel Production and Analysis


  • Solvent Extraction
  • Oil Extraction by Ultrasonication
  • Mechanical Oil Seed Press (3 – 5 kg/hr)
  • Oil refining Processes (Degumming, Neutralization, FFA Analysis, Phosphorus, Dewaxing, Bleaching, etc.)
  • Biodiesel Production (25 gallon batch facility)
  • Biodiesel Characterization (ASTM Standards: Cloud and Pour Point, Flash Point, Kinematic Viscosity, Acid Number, Water and Sediment, Sulfur Analysis, Total and Free Glycerin, Fatty Acid Composition, etc.)
  • Complete Engine Performance and Exhaust Emissions Testing (up to 400 hp engines)


Ethanol Production and Analysis


  • Sugar Composition using HPLC
  • Determination of Sugars, Byproducts and Degradation Products in Liquid Fraction Process Samples, NREL
  • SSF Experimental Protocols – Lignocellulosic Biomass Hydrolysis and Fermentation, NREL
  • Ethanol Fermentation Runs using New Brunswick Fermentors
  • Ethanol Analysis using HPLC


Bio-Char Analysis


  • BET Surface Area and Pore Size Analysis
  • Adsorption and desorption Data Points Analysis
  • BJH Pore Size Distribution and External Surface Area (STSA)


Bio-Oil Analysis and Upgrading Studies


  • GC/MS Characterization of Bio-oil Constituents
  • Low Pressure/Temperature Hydrogenation
  • High Pressure/Temperature Hydrogenation


Pyrolyzer Runs


  • 200 – 600 g/min Pyrolysis Runs
  • 300 – 1200 0C Operating Temperatures
  • Up to 3 0C/min Heating Rates


Fluidized Bed Gasification


  • 70 kg/hr Throughput of Most Biomass
  • Gas and Char Production Evaluation and Analysis


VOC and Green House Gas (GHG) Sampling Protocol


  • Use of Portable GC for VOC/GHG Determination
  • Training and Seminar on Biofuels

Animal Manure Management Analysis

⸋     Bacteria indicators Total Coliform Bacteria & E-Coli (water)

⸋     Bacteria indicators Total Coliform Bacteria & E-Coli (Manure effluent/slurry)

⸋    Bacteria indicators Total Coliform Bacteria & E-Coli (Manure solids)

⸋     Manure nutrient analysis

⸋     Manure BOD/COD analysis

⸋    Wastewater BOD/COD Analysis

⸋     Onsite air quality general analysis

⸋     Odor and Total Volatile Organic Compounds

⸋    Onsite gas detection and measurement (bundle*)

⸋     Onsite gas detection and measurement (selected item*)

(*One of the hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide,

sulfur dioxide, nitrous gases, and ozone measurement. Please contact for

specific sample analysis information).


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