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Nanjappa Ashwath - Ph.D.

Ashwath  – Ph.D. , Nanjappa
Nanjappa Ashwath - Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Associate Professor Nanjappa Ashwath is visiting our laboratory for 6 months while he is on his sabbatical leave from Central Queensland University (CQU), Australia.  During his stay, he will be working with Dr Capareda and his biofuels team to develop cost-effective technologies for utilising a wild Australian plant ‘Beauty Leaf Tree (BLT; Calophyllum inophyllum L)’ for biofuel production. The BLT grows well in a variety of soil and climatic conditions and has the potential to produce up to 4000 litres of non-edible oil which can be converted to biodiesel. The cake resulting from oil extraction process, and the husk associated with the kernel can also be used in bioenergy production.